Saturday, October 3, 2009

Warning ... this blog contains massive amounts of sarcasm ...

Kudos to the FDA ... bravo ASH, Cancer Research agencies, Federal Governments et al ...

I have to say that I am very impressed with the speedy and effective measures taken to protect the worldwide consumer, from the “so called” electronic cigarette.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced on July 22nd 2009, that a laboratory analysis of electronic cigarette samples found that they contain what turned out to be, trace amounts of carcinogens and other toxic chemicals. This is absolutely unacceptable and since these deceptive production tactics have now been exposed by the FDA, thanks to a friendly nudge by public interest law professor John Banzhaf III of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), I would expect that the manufacturers will soon start producing this product at FDA acceptable levels.

In tests performed by reputable research facilities in Canada, New Zealand and other locations, it clearly shows that electronic cigarettes contain Tobacco-Specific Nitrosamine levels of approximately 8.2, whereas Marlboro for example, contain a hearty 11,190 level of these same Nitrosamines. Test results have also shown that the tobacco variety of cigarette the consumer has been enjoying for decades now, also contain approximately 60 other known Carcinogens ... all of which have been left out of this “so called” electronic cigarette.

In another blatant effort to deny the consumer FDA approved and accepted levels of toxins, the manufacturers of this product have also left out almost 600 other ingredients that the tobacco products contain. This is obviously a flagrant effort by the manufacturers of these products to withhold important ingredients and byproducts that the consumer has come to expect and enjoy from the tobacco manufacturers, which are known to add to and enhance their smoking experience.

It is however a good thing that many health agencies, activist groups, government officials and so many others have united to take a stand against this product and the unscrupulous manufacturers. It is indeed heartwarming to see that so many, have stepped forward to protect the smoking consumers rights to either quit using government approved products and programs, or die.

Recent reports verify that many officials in communities around the world have recently put in place bans, requiring the use of this product only in pre-approved smoking areas. This united effort has guaranteed that anyone using this product will no longer be missing out on all those toxins that the manufacturers tried to deny them. It is indeed comforting to know that anyone utilizing this product, is free to once again enjoy the 4,000 toxic elements they may otherwise have been denied.

It also appears that there is a serious flaw in the product design as well, since the heat source from a battery does not produce the ignition, leading to the temperatures required to actually form these toxic elements. As a result, the manufacturers will need to devise some sort of method of ignition. Perhaps they can just wrap all the ingredients in paper and light the product on fire. This I believe would be an acceptable means to produce the desired effect, although they may want to check into copyright infringement possibilities first.

Another factor blatantly disregarded by the manufacturers of the "so called" electronic cigarette, is in their use of flavoring ... seen by many as a devious plot to ease our children into tobacco usage at a later date. The responsible thing to do, would have been for them to produce their product in flavors offered by already approved products, such as White Ice Mint which helps whiten teeth while you use it, coated for a cool mint flavor. Cinnamon Surge coated for an intense rush of bold cinnamon flavor, or Fruit Chill coated twice for an intense fruit flavor with a hint of mint, FreshMint coated for a delicious burst of mint flavor, Original or Mint found in Nicorette Gum, or perhaps followed the example of the Nicorette Lozenge which is available in Mint and Cherry.

Thankfully these devious tactics were noticed as quickly as they were. As it turned out, some of the electronic cigarette manufacturing companies were offering their products in flavors such as, peppermint, cinnamon, fruit flavors, mint, cherry and other similar and equally tempting flavors.

In order to show our gratitude to all these individuals, please feel free to write to your local government officials, the federal government officials, the FDA, the health agencies and worldwide activists to let them know how truly grateful we all are that they have stepped forward to protect our rights, the way they have.

I myself, would like to send a special thank you to professor John Banzhaf III for stepping in as quickly, efficiently and effectively as he did. Without his tireless efforts with regards to this product, the electronic cigarette might still be readily available to the millions of people worldwide that had in their ignorance, embraced this product, using it as a way to avoid all the yummy by-products produced by the tobacco products.

With the boycott and ban, now safely in place, many of the smoking consumers around the world have once again returned to their beloved tobacco products ... thus ensuring the tobacco manufacturers stranglehold in the marketplace ... please excuse the pun.

Once again ... I thank you all for your valiant efforts to protect the smoking consumer.

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FDA Begins Regulating E-Cigarettes as Drug-Delivery Devices

2009-05-19 07:03:17 - The Food and Drug Administration [FDA] is moving to regulate e-cigarettes - devices which resemble cigarettes but which, instead of burning tobacco, emit a cloud of nicotine which is inhaled (and exhaled) by the user. Just as an earlier ASH legal petition helped prompt the FDA to regulate cigarettes containing nicotine, and an earlier nicotine-emitting cigarette-like device known as "Favor," a new ASH petition may be playing a significant role, and does help explain the FDA's action.

FDA Finds Deadly Chemicals in E-Cigarette Smoke

2009-07-23 06:37:02 - The Food and Drug Administration [FDA] has found deadly toxins and cancer-causing chemicals in the "smoke" produced by e-cigarettes and inhaled by users. The announcements comes as NBC TV Nightly News was about to blow the lid of the agency's refusal to take action, a news report which was to feature public interest law professor John Banzhaf of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) and his legal actions aimed at compelling the agency to finally act. The NBC new piece, to be aired tonight, apparently pressured the FDA into acting.

E-Cigarette Critics Accused of "Libel and Slander"

2009-07-22 18:45:25 - A major distributor of e-cigarettes has accused critics of the new product of "libel" and "slander," possibly in a effort to discourage efforts to regulate them, but the FDA is now taking action to protect the public, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), who has petitioned the FDA to regulate the products. Dropping E-Cigarette Sales

2009-09-23 18:10:31 - The Internet retailer is reportedly moving to stop selling or supporting the sale of e-cigarettes on its huge website. Its action follows receipt of a notice of potential legal liability for facilitating the sale of a product the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] has declared is "illegal."


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